Crow Hop Champion - Boy
Crow Hop Champion - Girl
Fastest Feet Champion - Boy
Fastest Feet Champion - Girl
Owl Dance Champion
Owl Dance Champion
Biggest Smile Champion - Boy
Biggest Smile Champion - Girl
Most Laps Champion -  Boy
Most Laps Champion - Girl
Best Rhythm Dancer - Boy
Best Rhythm Dancer - Girl
Parent/Child Combo Champion - Boy
Parent/Child Combo Champion - Girl
Role Model Champion - Male
Role Model Champion - Female
Stop-n-Go Champion - Boy
Stop-n-Go Champion - Girl
Happy Dance Champion - Boy
Happy Dance Champion - Girl
Sneak Up Champion - Boy
Sneak Up Champion - Girl
Intertribal Champion - Boy
Intertribal Champion - Girl
Best Dancer in Regalia - Boy
Best Dancer in Regalia - Girl
Best Dancer w/out Regalia - Boy
Best Dancer w/out Regalia - Girl
Siblings Team Dance Champion
Siblings Team Dance Champion
Trick Song Champion - Boy
Trick Song Champion - Girl
Miss Gathering at the Falls Selected Dance Champion
Jr. Miss Gathering at the Falls Selected Dance Champion
Dance Your Style Champion - Boy
Dance Your Style Champion - Girl
Side Step Champion - Girl
Little Warrior Champion - Boy
Levi Horn Selected Champion
MaKenzie Moody Selected Champion

Trophies awarded for the following categories

Youth Powwow and Family Fun Day

Sunday, August 27, 2017

12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Lilac Bowl, Riverfront Park

Spokane, Washington