During Youth and Family Day, we focus on positive role-modeling, positive parenting, leadership, and embracing our relationships.


Since time immemorial, powwows have been a social gathering of many different Native American communities.

Our Mission


Dancers and singers, young and old, come from both near and far to showcase their songs and their dance styles for our community.

Gathering At The Falls Powwow

For more information call Powwow Chairman Shane Garcia at

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This unique cultural gathering that brings in thousands from the local community to enjoy.

Join us at the Lilac Bowl in the beautiful Riverfront Park, downtown Spokane, Washington. The history of this celebration and the significance of the gathering at the Spokane River go back generations, and has been a sacred tradition for many local tribes in the Pacific Northwest. The Spokane Riverfront Park has become the gathering place that symbolizes the uniqueness of sharing our culture, beliefs, values, and gifts - celebrating as one indigenous nation.

As we strive to revive traditions once lost, we focus on educating, teaching, inspiring, and leading families and individuals to carry on the Native Cultures.